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3rd Oct 2016

021: Curse Words and Voting for Turds

Ben and Trevor discuss disciplining their children, timeouts, renegade rules, children’s sports, their earliest memories, swearing around their kids, what generation they are part of and Ben goes on another Drumpf Rant ™. If you want to read about the horrific child abuse manual masquerading as advice, see the Wikipedia page on …

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Two Sweary Dads is a podcast about parenting (and other Dadly pursuits). Fatherhood, kids, comedy, gaming, music, movies, technology and more father stuff.
Your hosts are Ben Slinger (father of a 2 year old boy and twin 9 month old girls) and Trevor Scott (father of a 3 year old boy). Together they discuss the vagaries of fatherhood in Australia, tell stories of joy and frustration, and go off on tangents that don't involve their children at all (because not everything is about being a Dad).

Topics include the trouble with toilet training, the fun of sharing hobbies with your kids (and when not to), those funny little things that kids do, and plenty of discussion on video games and game development, technology, movies, TV and music.

Ben and Trevor have been friends since high school and have bonded even further during this next phase of their friendship: surviving fatherhood (and loving it) to become Two Sweary Dads.